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  • Larry Harlow’s Latin Legends

    Celebrating his 75th birthday and the 50th anniversary of his salsa band, the legendary producer / composer/ pianist and driving force of more than 200 influential Latin jazz and salsa albums returns to Hostos to lead his 15-piece ensemble, featuring such Latin legends Nicky Marrero, Luisito Rosario, Emo Luciano, Renzo Padilla and Bobby Sanabria.  Don’t miss this special performance of “El Judio Maravilloso” y su orquesta.
  • Women & Gender Studies: Fall Film Series - Orlando

    Orlando recasts Virgina Woolf's novel about androgynous Orlando, born in the time of Elizabeth I, who awakens halfway through the film to find himself a women. "Orlando is about a person who achieves in one lifetime what most of us can only dream of doing: viewing four centuries of experiences through the eyes of both sexes..." (Roger Ebert).
  • Women & Gender Studies: Fall Film Series - The Invisible War

    The invisible War investigates the troubling epidemic of rape in the military by speaking with courageous victims who have been attached while serving their country.
  • Center for Bronx Nonprofits: Hepitits C "HCV Treatment Updates & Policy Discussion"

    A discussion among elected officials, nonprofit health and policy professionals about Hepititis C treatment and policy.