Civil Service Exam Alerts 

  • As of August 2, 2021, all newly hired city employees must be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus, unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation for religion or disability. If you are offered city employment, this requirement must be met by your date of hire, unless a reasonable accommodation for exemption is received and approved by your hiring agency.
  • October exams are now open for filing. This month, we are highlighting exams for Public Health Nurse (School Health), Call Center Representative, Child and Family Specialist, Electrician, Inspector (Construction), and Police Officer. To view the full list of exams open for filing this month, as well as our yearly exam schedule, visit our exam schedules page.
  • To learn more about the exam process and our fee waivers, visit our exam process page.

Job Announcements

The City is hiring! Please visit our career page at to view and apply for immediate hire positions available across the City. To view the jobs listed below, you can enter the respective job ID in the search box.

Department of Citywide Administrative Services

  • Administrative Project Manager – Salary $53,702.00 - $90,000.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 486338
  • Confidential Strategy Planner – Salary $74,710.00 - $80,568.00 (Annual) – Job ID# 474517
  • Economist – Salary $56,013.00 - $64,415.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 486051
  • Agency Attorney – Salary $79,620.00 - $117,541.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 486197

Department of Design and Construction

  • Community Assistant – Salary $32,520.00 - $42,191.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 474410
  • Associate Investigator – Salary $60,132.00 - $84,611.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 479611

Department of Environmental Protection

  • Assistant Civil Engineering – Salary $57,078.00 - $85,646.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 484730
  • Assistant Electrical Engineer – Salary $57,078.00 - $85,646.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 484626
  • Watershed Maintenance – Salary $41,033.00 - $60,017.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 485090

Department of Housing Preservation and Development

  • Community Associate – Salary $38,333.00 - $44,083.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 486418

Office of Emergency Management

  • Infrastructure Specialist – Salary $57,500.00 - $69,500.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 487802
  • Agency Attorney – Salary $83,158.00 - $95,632.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 485416
  • Ground Support Specialist – Salary $57,500.00 - $64,500.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 483021
NYC Emergency Management is currently hiring for numerous open positions. Please visit NYC Emergency Management’s careers website for additional information.

Department of Homeless Services

  • Community Coordinator – Salary $54,100.00 - $62,215.00 (Annual) - Job ID# 486194

NYC Commission on Gender Equity

  • Deputy Executive Director, Policy and Programs – To review job description and apply, visit Office of the Mayor Jobs.

NYC Fire Department

  • Assistant Chemical Engineer – Salary $57,078.00 - $65,640.00 (Annual) – Job ID# 485533

College Aide Opportunities (For current undergraduate and graduate students)

Please visit our career page to view and apply for college aide positions available across the City. You can enter College Aide in the search box to see all positions currently available.

Department of Sanitation

  • College Aide – Salary $15.50 - $19.90 (hourly) - Job ID# 464984

Department of Health and Mental Hygiene

  • Making Waves College Intern – Salary $15.50 - $19.90 (Hourly) - Job ID# 485825
  • IT Intern, College Aide – Salary $16.02 - $20.72 (Hourly) - Job ID# 483638

MTA Exams and Job Announcements (Special Addition):

  • Bus Operator – Salary $23.84 - $25.49 (Hourly) Job ID# 99929
    • To qualify for this opportunity, job seekers must possess, when they apply to the position, a motor vehicle driver license, for at least three years, and either a Class B Commercial Driver License (CDL) or a permit, with a passenger endorsement and no airbrake or other disqualifying restrictions. The license/permit must be valid in the State of NY. 
    • If a job seeker does not possess a learner permit for a Class B CDL and they cannot obtain a DMV testing appointment, they may contact the MTA at for assistance in scheduling a DMV testing appointment for a Class B CDL permit. 

MTA Metro North Railroad has the following employment opportunity:

  • Manager, Talent Assessment – Salary - $74,992 – $93,740.00 (Annual) – Job ID# 100112
To apply for NYC Transit and Metro-North Railroad opportunities, please go to the MTA Employment Portal and click on See all open MTA positions

Department of Education Job Announcements (Special Addition):

The Department of Education has multiple opportunities available. Visit DOE Administrative and Central Office Career Openings to view and apply.

Public Service: Careers in NYC Government – Inside Citywide Podcast on Spotify

  • Working for the City of New York offers employees a good job and a rewarding mission. With over 400,000 employees, the City hires people of every background. Episode 4 of the DCAS Inside Citywide podcast focuses on career opportunities working for the City, including the types of jobs available, the advantages of working for the City, how to navigate the civil service system, and much more.