The Grants Office at Hostos Community College

About Us 

The Grants Office at Hostos is committed to supporting the college’s faculty and staff in their efforts to secure external funding for faculty research projects, college-wide special programs, academic support services for students and community collaborative projects. We assist the College community in finding additional resources for ideas that support and enhance the mission of the College and its long-term strategic plan.

The Grants Office provides training and technical assistance to prepare and submit proposals, estimate project costs and prepare budgets, and design evaluation plans.  Workshops are presented throughout the year on these and other topics.  In addition, we coordinate all grant applications and submissions.

Once an award has been made, the Grants Office serves as liaison to the funding sponsor and, with the participation of the Research Foundation of CUNY, handles all post-award administrative and fiscal issues.  We assist principal investigators, project directors and program coordinators in the hiring of all project personnel, the purchase of all materials, services and equipment, in keeping with Research Foundation policies and procedures, and provide guidance in all contract compliance issues.

As you know, most proposals are now submitted online.  The Grants Office is the College’s authorized organizational representative for the submission of grant proposals to the U.S. Department of Education, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and most federal government agencies.  We ask that you come by and notify us early in the process of your intent to submit an application.

Searching for funding opportunities:

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