Academic Departments

Academic Departments

  • Allied Health

    Dental Hygiene, Located in B-124  (718) 518-7949
    Nursing, Located in A-307 (718) 518-4121
    Radiologic Technology, Located in A-307  (718) 518-4123
  • Behavioral and Social Sciences

    Located in B-319  (718) 518-6566
    Courses: Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Economics, History, Legal Studies, Police Science, Political Science, Psychology, Public Administration, Social Work, Sociology
  • Business

    Located in C-590  (718) 518-6506
    Courses: Accounting, Business, Office Technology 
  • Education

    Located in A-107  (718) 518-4156 or 4159                                 
    Courses: Education, Gerontology, Health, Physical Education
  • English

    Located in B-504  (718) 518-6600
    Courses: Capstone, English, First Year Seminar, Women and Gender Studies
  • Humanities

    Located in C-412  (718) 518-6677
    Courses: Black Studies, Digital Design, Digital Music, French, Game Design, Humanities, Italian, Latin American Studies, Music, Philosophy, Spanish, Visual and Performing Arts
  • Language & Cognition

    Located in B-519  (718) 518-6602
    Courses: English as a Second Language (ESL), Linguistics
  • Library

    Located in A-308 (718) 518-4222
    Courses: Library workshops
  • Mathematics

    Located in A-236  (718) 518-6616
    Courses: Mathematics, Engineering
  • Natural Sciences

    Located in A-507J  (718)518-4129
    Courses: Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Food Studies, Physics