Office of the President

Office of the President



January 28, 2015

To the Hostos Family:

Welcome back to Hostos Community College!

David Gómez, Interim PresidentAs we embark on a new semester, I want to thank every member of the Hostos family for making 2014 so remarkable. Last year, we learned that we are in the running for the prestigious Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence as a top 10 finalist. The winner will be announced in March in Washington, D.C. and this is truly something to be excited about.

In 2014, Hostos was also home to the New York State Professor of the Year, Cynthia Jones.  Professor Jones’ work in our English department has been something to celebrate for decades, and I am glad to see the rest of New York now knows what we knew all along.

But these, and all of our other accomplishments, wouldn’t be possible without the commitment and determination put forth by our student body.  It is your fire that fuels the engine of this institution, and it is the reason why all of us remain so committed to making Hostos one of the nation’s most recognized and distinguished community colleges.

I am excited to see what happens in 2015.  The College’s retention and graduation rates continue to climb, and we have launched new curricula, including a Food Studies Program, which will begin this September.  Hostos is also looking better than ever, as evidenced by the gymnasium renovations in “The Swamp” and other facility improvements.

While we start this new year together, I ask that we all pledge to make a commitment to improve ourselves, too, so we can better serve those we care about. Whether you are a student or a faculty or staff member, remember that you are an important part of the Hostos community where individual passions fuel a larger purpose.

Have a great semester!

David Gómez, Interim President
Dr. David Gómez
Interim President