Office of the President

Office of the President



Welcome to the 2024 Spring Semester at Hostos Community College!
Spring is a time of transformation. Nature awakens from the cold and fallow months of winter and prepares for the warmth and greenery of a world reborn.
We are also part of the transformative process. Our spirits soar as we begin – or return to – the pursuit of our goals with renewed vitality and vigor. One of the ways we turn our dreams into reality is through the power of education.
That’s where Hostos comes in.
Hostos takes pride in its history and in its namesake:  Don Eugenio María de Hostos, the Puerto Rican philosopher, educator, man of letters and fighter for the independence of Puerto Rico. The College arose from the vision and activism of many Puerto Rican, Latino, and other supporters who believed the South Bronx deserved its own community college.
For almost 60 years now, Hostos has played a crucial role in the lives of thousands upon thousands of students, providing the knowledge and expertise they required to change their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
First and foremost, Hostos offers top-notch, accessible, and affordable academic programs for all who wish to study here. Our award-winning faculty members are committed to the scholastic success of our students. One look at our catalog will indicate the width and breadth of our offerings. Hostos runs the gamut from Digital Design to Latin American Studies; from Sociology to the gentle art of Nursing; from Natural Sciences to Early Childhood Education – all these disciplines and more are taught here.
Just as important to student success is the supportive, nurturing community you’ll find at Hostos. Everyone – faculty, administration, staff – is dedicated to helping you derive the most from your time here. This means we also pay close attention to extra-curricular matters that can affect your work in the actual or virtual classroom. Financial aid is available to those in need. Student Parents can rest easy knowing their little ones are being taken care of in our on-campus Children’s Center. Our Food Pantry helps to fight food insecurity issues. Our Counseling Center promotes psychological well-being through a variety of resources. These are only some of the programs, opportunities, and services to which Hostos students have access.
Whether you’re starting your educational journey or resuming it, I wish you the very best and share in your excitement.
Your future starts here!


Daisy Cocco De Filippis, Ph.D.