Office of the President

Office of the President


August 24, 2017

To the Hostos Family:

Welcome to the Fall 2017 semester!

David Gómez, PresidentIt is my pleasure to welcome you to the Fall 2017 semester at Hostos Community College.
To new students, I hope your experiences here will provide you with the foundation you will need to achieve your goals in life. To returning students, I wish you another year of achievement in your chosen fields of study.
Whether this is your first day of class or the start of your last semester, you find yourself at Hostos at a very special time. The College is celebrating its 50th anniversary. We are honoring our past and looking to the future – and our future is looking bright! A partial list of recent good news includes:

  • In August, Hostos received $150,000 grant from the New York State Department of Health to help families stay strong by assisting expectant and parenting teens and young adults to complete their education, maintain healthy lifestyles, and be nurturing parents.
  • According to a story in the New York Times (January 18, 2017), Hostos possesses the highest “intergenerational social mobility rate” of students among fellow CUNY community colleges.
  • Hostos student Adelaida Rosario received a scholarship award from the National Supermarket Association; she was also honored by the New York League of Puerto Rican Women, Inc. 
  • Pancita Lewis, a graduate of Hostos’ Adult Learning Center, received the Peter Jennings Scholarship Award.

The energies and talents of all at Hostos are dedicated to fostering your intellectual, social and economic growth. Improvements have been made to the College’s Advisement systems, and our developmental education offerings (particularly in Mathematics) have been re-worked and expanded for maximum effect. These changes have paid off:  the preliminary response to our Periodic Review Report (PRR) – a crucial part of maintaining our accreditation – from the Middle States Commission on Higher Education was exceedingly positive and contained several commendations.
Essayist Rebecca Solnit has written:  “What we do begins with what we believe we can do.” Education expands our sense of what we believe we can do – and what we can be. Hostos has been transforming lives and forging futures since 1968. We are here for you.

As the new semester gets underway, I wish you all the best.

You are Hostos.

Welcome back.
David Gómez, Interim President
David Gómez, Ed.D.