Returning Students

Readmission Process

Have you been away from Hostos for a semester or more? If you answered yes, then we are glad that you have chosen us once again to continue your education.  Although not every student is guaranteed readmission into the college, we will give every applicant consideration based on their ability to remain in good academic standing and complete their degree requirements.

To initiate the readmissions process, please email us at 

If you already earned your associate's degree at Hostos Community College, you cannot apply for readmission.  Instead, you must file a CUNY transfer application for admission into a second-degree program. The Office of Admissions and Recruitment will review your application, and a decision will be made shortly after all required documents have been received.

If you have any previous financial obligations to the college or negative service indicators (holds) on your record, you must address them before submitting your completed readmission application.  When completing the application, select the exact term for which you wish to begin your studies. The readmission application is specific to the semester for which you are applying.  If for any reason you do not attend the semester indicated on your application, you will be required to file a new readmission application.

All students who attended another college or university after leaving Hostos must submit official transcripts to complete the readmission process.