Eugena K. Griffin, B.S., M.S., Ph.D.​Email:

Office Tel:  718-664-2628

Biography:  Dr. Griffin obtained a Ph.D. in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC. She is licensed as a Clinical Psychologist and joined the Hostos Community College, CUNY faculty in 2015 as Assistant Professor of Psychology. She continues to provide instruction from a Biopsychosocial Model in Abnormal and General Psychology courses. Dr. Griffin’s research interests include examining the racism-coping phenomena for adolescents and adults, including its impact on mental and physical health outcomes. She also examines the impact of unique psychosocial teaching techniques to support non-traditional age college students acquire content material and increase esteem as students. Dr. Griffin has current publications that reflect her research findings including the publication of her original work and design of a teaching andragogy called The Cultural Empower Teaching Andragogy (CETA), in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice (March, 2019). She provides talks at national and regional conferences. Dr. Griffin authored an e-book, Letters to the Black Community (2018), which discusses the impact of racial oppression on the psyche of Black youth, adults, and overall community with solutions for healing and restoration. 

Courses Usually Taught:

PSY 101 General Psychology
PSY 142 Abnormal Psychology