Email:  AIVANOVA@HOSTOS.CUNY.EDU Anna Ivanova, Ph.D,

Office Number: A-148

Office Tel: (718) 664 2762

Research background: Biophysics, Biochemistry, Molecular and Cell Biology.

Research topics of interest: Bacteriophages, HIV research, Mechanisms of Cell Signaling.

Courses Teaching:  General Physics I (PHY 210), General Chemistry I (CHE 210), Introduction to General Chemistry (CHE 110), Principles of Organic Chemistry (CHE 120), Environmental Science I (ENV 110) and II (ENV 120, ENV 122) courses.


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A. Ivanova, Y. Rodriguez, A. Manukyan. Teaching with ALEKS - a path to success. (Presentation) 18th Annual CUNY IT Conference. Instructional/Information Technology at CUNY: Bridging Gaps, December 2019


  1. Presentation (promoting Natural Sciences Department) and STEM interactive activity with students (PHY210) at the STEM EXPO Carrier Night, New York Hall of Science, May 2019
  2. Informational Presentation (promoting Natural Sciences Department) at the STEM EXPO Carrier Night, New York Hall of Science, May 2018
  3. Presentation and interactive activity (“Impact of molecules on health”) with students (CHE110) at the STEM NIGHT “Health and Medicine”, New York Hall of Science, December, 2017
  4. Y. R. Shilpi, Sachdeva R., A. Ivanova, and Simm M. X-DING-CD4, a human protein mediating cellular resistance to HIV-1 infection offers new opportunity to develop antiviral therapy. International Conference on Antivirals for Neglected and Emerging Viruses; Micro-symposium on targeting Host proteins in HIV therapy.  Lubeck, Germany, October 11-13, 2010
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Membership in Professional Societies: Two-year College Chemistry Consortium