Office Number: 507E

Office Tel: 718-518-4133

Courses Teaching:

CHE 110 Introduction to General Chemistry
CHE 120 Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHE 210 General Chemistry I
CHE 212 General Chemistry Laboratory I
CHE 220 General Chemistry II
CHE 310 : Advance Organc Chmistry I  Lecture
CHE 312 : Advance Organic Chemistry I  Laboratory
ENV 120 Environmental Science Laboratory II

Presentations This Past Semester:

D. Roy, T.K. Hei, G.M. Calaf. Beta Catenin: A new role in radiation- and estrogen-induced breast cancer progression. Proceedings of the 13th World Congress on Advances in Oncology and 11th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine, Hersonissos, Crete, Greece, October (2008).

D. Roy, G.M. Calaf, T.K. Hei. Identification of a molecular marker for wnt signaling pathway in radiation- and estrogen-induced breast carcinogenesis. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of American Association of Cancer Research (AACR), San Diego, CA (2008).

D. Roy, P. Guida, G. Zhou, C. Echiburu-Chau, G.M. Calaf. Gene expression profiling of breast cells induced by X-rays and heavy ions. Int J Mol Med. 21(5): 627-636(2008).

G.M. Calaf, D. Roy. Cancer genes induced by malathion and parathion in the presence of estrogen in breast cells. Int J Mol Med. 21(2): 261-268 (2008).

G.M. Calaf, D. Roy. Cell adhesion proteins altered by 17beta estradiol and parathion in breast epithelial cells. Oncol. Rep. 19(1): 165-169 (2008).

G.M. Calaf, D. Roy. Gene and protein expressions induced by 17b estradiol and parathion in cultured breast epithelial cells. Mol. Med. 13(5-6), 255-265 (2007).

G.M. Calaf, D. Roy, C. Echiburu Chau. Simultaneous breast and lung pre-clinical cancer progression model. Proceedings of NATURE MEDICINE Conference on Emerging Technologies and Cancer Biology, 4(12), Cambridge, Massachusetts (2007).

G.M. Calaf, D. Roy. Gene expression signature of parathion-transformed human breast epithelial cells. Int J. Mol Med. 19(5):741-750 (2007).

Academic Awards:

“Honor of Academic and Scholarly Growth for Accomplishments in Publishing and Grantmanship in 2007” from The Office of Academic Affairs of Hostos Community College
“Honor of Academic Excellence at Fall 2006” from Hostos Community College for successfully completing the Honors Contract Agreement.   

Areas of Expertise:

General Chemistry, Biochemistry, Breast Cancer, Drug Development, Antimicrobial Resistance.

Areas of Interest:

My areas of interests include: to study the effect of cigarette smoke condensate (mainly nicotine) and radiation-induced breast cancer progression among the minority population in the South Bronx and development of some drugs to prevent it. Also, analyses the structural alteration of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) to use them as an antibiotic against drug-resistant pathogenic bacteria.

Presentations This Past Semester :

‘Why We Like Chemistry’, Natural Science Open House, Fall 2006.
‘Chemistry : A Science of All Times’, Natural Science Showcase, Fall 2006.
‘Hydrogen Fuel to Prevent Air Pollution’, Natural Science Showcase, Fall 2006.
‘Antibiotic Resistance : Where We Are ?’, Honors Project, Hostos Community College, Fall 2006.
Panel Discussion : “Global Warming” as part of the ‘Focus The Nation’ Movement, Hostos Community College, Fall 2006.

Upcoming Presentations:

“Measurement of drinking water quality in and around the Hostos Community College” A Honors Contract Agreement, Hostos Community College, Fall 2008.