Office Number: 507-D

Office Tel: 718-518-4132

Courses Teaching:

Bio 230 Anatomy and Physiology 1
Bio 310 Microbiology
Bio 110 Principles of Biology


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Academic Awards:
PSC-CUNY grant renewal (2007-2008):
“The LT UCR and its possible role in regulating LT expression in response to acid stress”
PSC-CUNY grant renewal (2006-2007):
The UCR of the LT operon and its possible role in LT osmoregulaton (renewal)
PSC-CUNY grant (2005-2006):
The UCR of the LT operon and its possible role in LT osmoregulation

Areas of Expertise / Interest:
Bacterial genetics / bacterial physiology, infectious diseases, immunopharmacology, science pedagogy, environmental issues.


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