Time Off for Religious Observance

Reasonable accommodations are to be made for the religious needs of employees requesting time off for religious observance. Because the College staff encompasses a diverse multi-cultural community, it is likely that some religious observances may be less well known and requests will present opportunities to learn about the religious celebrations of many different cultures. Since a complete knowledge and potential listing of religious observances for all staff is beyond the capability of the personnel offices, it is incumbent on the employee, when requested, to provide written documentation to the College Human Resources Director. The documentation from the religious group should indicate the nature, extent and duration of the religious observance which will require the employee's absence from work.


  • Leave for religious observance may be charged against annual leave, unscheduled holiday balances, or compensatory leave balances.
  • Employees with no balances in the previously listed leave accrual categories may, at the discretion of the College Human Resources Director, be advanced leave time to be charged against future annual leave accruals to a maximum of 3 days per year.
  • Requests for time off should because of business necessity be made in sufficient time prior to the observance to permit the affected department to make appropriate schedule changes. In general, approval will not be considered unless requested at least 10 working days prior to the day of religious observance.
  • The College must schedule adequate support staff to ensure that the operations of all departments and services to the public are not adversely affected. In general, time off for religious observances will be granted in whole days. However, at the discretion of the College Human Resources Director, upon the request of an employee, the employee may be granted approval to have his/her work hours on the day(s) temporarily rescheduled. This will be considered only in instances where the employee's request is for time off of less than a full day on either a one time basis or regular basis.

Last Updated: 11/25/02