Dear Hostos Familia,
Commencement season is a special time at Hostos Community College. It is a time when we get to bask in our students' accomplishments, share their excitement, and take pride in the fact that we had a hand in their development.

On June 4, we celebrated the accomplishments of 990 graduates, the largest class in Hostos' 47-year history! This amazing milestone could not have been reached without the support of so many generous donors and supporters. As our graduating classes increase, lives are changed for the better, families grow stronger, and communities thrive. For all of us here at Hostos Community College, we cannot think of a better investment.
Investing in Hostos means you believe that our tenacious, hard-working and determined students deserve the chance to change the world for the better. Hostos students are the nurses, engineers, teachers and policy makers of tomorrow. But for most of our students still on their educational journey at Hostos, financial challenges can be overwhelming and can steer
them off course.  
However, your gift TODAY can be the catalyst to a promising TOMORROW. Your gift can assure that next June, we will be celebrating with even more graduates.  
Please make your gift by June 30 to ensure all of our new and returning students stay on track! 
David Gómez
Interim President
Hostos Community College