Picture of Officer DeJesus

The morning of Friday, May 14, Hostos Community College Public Safety Officer Raul DeJesus was standing outside of Hostos’ A-Building (475 Grand Concourse) when an individual exiting the subway station located in front of the College pleaded for his assistance and told him that there was an incoherent man on the subway platform, walking around aimlessly with a small infant. Officer DeJesus immediately notified his supervisor and NYPD via his two-way radio. He then entered the subway station with Sergeant Alfredo Rodríguez and Sergeant Mayra Pinzon. Inside the subway station, they encountered the man inside a waiting train, holding an infant.
Officer DeJesus, Sergeant Rodríguez, and Sergeant Pinzon coached the male subject out of the subway car and onto the platform as NYPD Transit Officers arrived. He was taken into custody by NYPD, and EMS transported the baby to a local hospital.
Hostos’ public safety officers later learned the child’s mother had made a 911 call regarding a missing baby and reported that her domestic partner had taken the baby from his crib as she and the baby slept that morning. A hospital source informed the College’s public safety officers that the man had been admitted to the hospital for further observation and the baby was doing well. The baby's mother has filed an official police complainant for the abduction of the child.
“I wanted to acknowledge the Hostos Public Safety team for their tremendous dedication and seriousness by sharing with the campus about an act of great police work coming out of the Bronx,” said Chief Arnaldo Bernabe, Director of Public Safety at Hostos.
The College commends these officers for their situational awareness and service to both the University and its surrounding community. We look forward to honoring these officers at the next University Awards Ceremony.