Hostos students Francisco Javier Gómez Pérez, Alpha Ba, Scarlet Martínez Cardoze, and Onyinyechi Winner Obineche​ recently participated virtually in the Westchester Undergraduate Research Conference (WURC) 2020. The event, which was co-sponsored by Manhattanville College and Mercy College occurred April 17-19, and provides a forum for undergraduate students from any discipline to present their research. 

Pérez and Bah presented a poster titled “Characterization of TRPM8 Modulators using Computer-Aided Molecular Design.” (Click here to retrieve the Youtube video presentation and here to access their poster at WURC 2020 webpage.) 

Cardoze and Obineche presented a poster titled “Structure-Based Virtual Screening to Identify Small-Molecule Modulators of KChIP2 for Cardiovascular Diseases.” (Click here to retrieve the Youtube video presentation and here to access their poster at WURC 2020 webpage.) 

Two Hostos alumni also participated in this year’s conference. Fatimata Kafando and Ndeye Bakhoum were part of a research team that presented a poster titled “Epigallocatechin-3-gallate, Catechin Gallate and Catechin Hydrate and miR-182 in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Cells.” (Click here to retrieve the Youtube video presentation and here to access their poster at WURC 2020 webpage.) Kafando and Bakhoum are currently pursuing their bachelor’s degrees in engineering at Texas Tech University.