Hostos faculty member Mateo Sancho Cardiel recently published an article in Teaching and Learning Matters, the newsletter of the American Sociological Association (ASA). With a piece titled "Sociology: An Essential Discipline in the Time of Coronavirus,” Sancho Cardiel responded to a call for proposals based on pedagogical approaches to the Covid-19 outbreak. He was told about the ASA’s request for proposals by Sarah Hoiland, assistant professor in Hostos’ Behavioral and Social Sciences department.
Cardiel’s article notes how “students show up to online classes seeking structure, connection, and a sense of belonging,” discusses the effects of distance education on both students and faculty, and how the virus has affected the student population. The conclusion he draws is a heartening one: “Hostos students can adapt and shine…with non-traditional texts such as film and popular music” despite the pandemic.
An adjunct lecturer in Sociology, Cardiel said, “This sudden transition to remote instruction has opened a new wave of solidarity and collegiality among colleagues. Usually, I only get to know those other adjunct faculty members that teach at the same time slots as I do. During this Spring 2020 unexpected transition, several faculty members from similar disciplines have been exchanging pedagogical and teaching tips useful for this unexpected scenario. I am happy to see my pedagogical contributions accepted and more importantly, to see how these uncertain moments have boosted the solidarity of my colleagues in the Behavioral and Social Sciences Department.”