In this rapidly changing climate, we have all experienced frustration, anxiety and confusion. As we wrestle with protecting ourselves and our families, we are also engaged in finding creative ways to help our students. New numbers on those infected are published by the hour and every media outlet constantly reminds us of the fact that things are likely to get worse before they get better.

We are working with our health care providers to share supplies, when we have them, or direct them to sources when we don’t. We continue to distribute food through our pantry, identify students, faculty and staff who need counseling and support, get computers into the hands of those who do not have them and cope with the stress of providing instruction on a scale (and with the assistance of technology) never before seen.

As in all crises, there are countless examples of sacrifice by the members of this community and messages of hope that have helped sustain us. Faculty report that attendance in their classes are high and that students will often engage them in chats long after their lessons are over. While students await laptops, they continue to engage with their professors and share information with their classmates. Staff are selflessly reaching out to students, unpacking cases of devices and preparing to distribute them as soon as possible.

I cannot thank you enough for the dedication you have shown and the countless acts of kindness demonstrated throughout this crisis. Sadly, as has also been reported in the media, we are far from having this over. It is for this reason that I am urging everyone to stay focused on the challenge at hand. Support one another. Continue to find creative solutions to help each other and the students we are committed to serve.

As we continue to receive new information, we will reach out. I would also ask, however, that you reach out to your colleagues, stay engaged and confident in the knowledge that we will get through this together.