Student Receivables/STATE AID

The Student Receivables Unit is responsible for keeping student financial records, billing third-party tuition payers, and managing TAP certification, Title IV refunds, and student refunds.

Title IV Refunds

With the new Federal regulations regarding the returning of Title IV funds, the college will calculate how much Title IV aid has been earned by the student based upon period of enrollment. Hostos Community College's enrollment policy is outlined as follows:
  1. A student who drops all courses during the first week of the semester will not qualify for Title IV funds.
  2. A student who drops all courses during the first week of the semester will lose their eligibility to receive Title IV funds for that semester. Any book advances or refunds that have already been processed, will need to be returned to reduce the total balance due.
  3. A student who attends classes for at least 60% of the semester will get the full entitlement of Title IV aid for the semester.

Tuition Assistance Program (TAP)

To be eligible for TAP, a student needs to be registered for at least 12 billable credits, and at least 6 academic credits for the semester with in his/her major. For a first time TAP recipient the academic credit requirement is three (3). Credits for any course being taken a second time will not be counted in determining TAP eligibility. Ability To Benefit (ATB) students affected are freshman, transfer students and continuing students who:
  • have a diploma from foreign High School
  • Applied received TAP for the first time in or after summer or fall 2006
  • have not earned a GED.
The student must meet the Ability To Benefit (ATB) standard by having a GED prior to being admitted to College or achieving the minimum cut scores on the Ability To Benefit (ATB) test:
Cut scores on the Accuplacer (ATB) tests:
Score of 55 in ACCUPLACER Reading Comprehension
Score of 60 in ACCUPLACER Sentence Skills
Score of 34 in ACCUPLACER Arithmetic

For more information, see the Office of Admissions and Recruitment page regarding Ability to Benefit.


Tuition Refunds

Tuition refunds are computed according to the drop date of a course(s). When applied to a Medical Leave of Absence, the refund is computed according to the effective date of the leave. Non-instructional fees are non-refundable, except when courses are cancelled by the College or if the student enters military service.

In the Fall or Spring semesters, students who drop courses from their record during the change of program period are entitled to a tuition reduction according to the following schedule. Please be aware that the refund calculations are different for the summer and winter sessions because of the truncated semester:

Before the first day of class 100%
During the first week of the semester 75%
During the second week of the semester 50%
During the third week of the semester 25%




TAP Refunds

Students who paid their tuition in full prior to receiving TAP award notification are entitled to a refund in the amount of their award if the following conditions apply: (a) the student is in full enrollment at the college; (b) the student is in good academic standing; and (c) the student is a New York State resident.

Students who paid only a part of their tuition prior to receiving TAP award notification will be refunded the amount of their award, less any outstanding tuition liability to the College.

TAP refunds are issued within 45 days after the College receives a certified TAP roster from the State of New York.