Social Work Option

An Option in Social Work at the Associate level opens many opportunities in the field through preparation for future education or applied practice at an entry level. The field of Social Work is one of the most versatile fields within the Liberal Arts as it serves as a gateway to employment opportunities in Human Services.
Social Workers are the pillar of providing services in Child Welfare, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Geriatric Care, the Prison System, Housing Services, Preventative Services, Foster Care, Judicial System, HIV Services, Medical system, Education, Private Practice in Psychotherapy, Administrative/Social Service Management, and Social Program Development.
In the introductory courses within the Social Work Option, students will learn about the effects of racial, ethnic, gender, and class inequalities. When students enter the Practicum, they will be able to apply the concepts acquired in previous courses as well as provide services to the community. The student will acquire skills in interpersonal communications working as members of an interdisciplinary team while addressing the needs of their clientele. Students will develop an understanding of the diverse multi-lingual urban clientele receiving services in the South Bronx agencies, and will be in direct contact with the social problems affecting the clientele.
The Liberal Arts Option in Social Work will provide the students with job opportunities in Human Services agencies at the entry level. It will also facilitate further educational opportunities at the Bachelor level since the Social Work Option meets articulation agreements with Lehman and York Colleges’ Social Work programs. The students will be able to transfer up to 60 credits to the above institutions.
This Option requires 12 credits. All courses in Group One are required. PSY 101 and SOC 101 may be taken in the same semester. However, SW 101 must be completed before a student can enroll in SW 150.
The courses listed in Group Two are courses that will be required at Lehman College or York College if a student should pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at those colleges. As such, it is recommended that those students take at least one of the classes in Group Two at Hostos, which will then transfer into the Social Work programs at Lehman College or York College because of our articulation agreements with them.
Social Work Liberal Arts Option:
Group One (Required 12 credits)
PSY 101 – General Psychology
SOC 101 – Introduction to Sociology
SW 101 – Introduction to Social Work
SW 150 – Social Work Practicum (SW 101 Pre-req)
Group Two (Recommended for students pursuing Social Work at Lehman or York College)
SOC 105 – Social Problems  
PSY 146 – Small Group Dynamics
SOC 140 – Race and Ethnicity
HLT 103 – Interpersonal Relations and Teamwork