Teacher Education Option

Teacher Education Liberal Arts Option

The Teacher Education Option supports students interested in theories and practices of education.  This Option is for students interested in learning about the profession of teaching; the cognitive, physical, psychological, and social development of children from birth through adolescence, including human exceptionalities. It is a strong basis for those interested in becoming paraprofessionals or assistant teachers, working toward state certification as a lead teacher or operating a childcare center. Students will complete a 25-hour field experience where they will observe day-to-day activities in a classroom or childcare setting. Each of these courses are transferrable to the four-year Early Childhood Education programs at Lehman College and Medgar Evers College.​

EDU 101 Foundations of Education (required)
Pre/Co-Requisite:  English Sections: ENG 91 or ESL 91
This course introduces students to a variety of critical contemporary and foundational issues and themes that influence modern urban education models. It focuses on the historical, philosophical, social, and political foundations of education, especially in urban and diverse settings. Students will conduct twenty (20) hours of observations in a classroom setting.

EDU 116 Child Development (required)
Pre-requisite: PSY 101
Pre/Co-Requisite:  ENG 91 or ESL 91
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development of infants, toddlers, and preschool children and its implications for group programs for young children.

EDU 130 Teaching in the Multicultural/Multilingual Classroom (required)
Pre-requisite: EDU 101
Pre/Co-Requisite:  ENG 91 or ESL 91
Study of curricular and instructional guidelines for implementing multicultural education in K-12 programs. Instructional and learning strategies cover planning, implementing, and evaluating classroom processes and materials in meeting specific and unique needs of students coming from diverse educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds. The cultural, social, political, and economic realities of teaching in an urban setting will be explored.


EDU 150 Introduction to Special Education
Pre-requisite: 9 credits of EDU courses
Pre/Co-Requisite:  ENG 91 or ESL 91
The student will become acquainted with current theories and techniques of identification and treatment, and with methods and materials found to be effective in educating the disabled or exceptionally able child. The student will gain basic understanding in preparation for teaching the mainstreamed child and the bilingual special child.​

EDU 104 Language Arts for Young Children
Pre-requisite: EDU 101
Pre/Co-Requisite:  ENG 91 or ESL 91
The student will plan and organize language arts activities in early childhood education.  The student will demonstrate familiarity with children's literature and reading readiness skills.  The student will be able to effectively read, tell, and dramatize children's stories, and participate in language games and reading readiness activities.