Continuing Student Registration

Get the classes you need and the schedule you want.

Meet with your Coach/Advisor

1. Plan ahead. Review your degree audit on Degree Works to learn what classes are needed for your major and make a list of courses you wish to take prior to meeting with your coach/advisor.

2. Schedule an appointment with your coach or advisor through Succeed@Hostos. When you utilize Succeed@Hostos, you get access to your Success Coach/Advisor availability for the semester.Log in today! Use your Hostos username and password.
* Check your student email for the most up to date advisement and registration information.

Register for classes

After you’ve been advised, login to CUNYfirst to register. To make scheduling your courses easier, CUNYfirst now has a new tool called Schedule Builder. Schedule Builder is an application tool that enables students to plan and register for courses that meet their schedules and other needs. This application shows courses listed in the University’s course schedule (i.e., CUNYfirst) and allows students to select those courses based on desired time, location, availability and other factors.

Register now and Pay later

It is important to review your financial aid award in CUNYFIRST and view any checklist items pending. We are here to help you succeed. If you have questions about advisement or course enrollment, please contact the Student Enrollment Services at or call (718) 518-4319.