Campus Leadership Development and Programming

The Mission of the Hostos Student Leadership Academy is to provide leadership training and support to the entire college community and it is in this effort that the academy runs a monthly series of Leadership Forums on the campus to help to promote and develop the leadership skills of every person at Hostos.

Leadership Forums are offered on a variety of topics and various speakers are invited to visit the campus to speak to the college community on issues facing leaders in today’s world.

*Forums have been conducted on faith and morality, entrepreneurship, how to be a student   leader, ethical decision making, and public service and how to be a leader in a crisis situation.

Recommendations for speakers have been solicited from members of the faculty and the staff and as we move forward we hope to have more participation by members of the Hostos Community, other than students at these Forums.

*The Leadership forums have been tentatively scheduled for the first Monday of each month.