Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)

Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program (CSTEP)The Hostos Community College Collegiate Science and Technology Entry Program is designed to serve first and second year students through a three-part approach that provides the following.

  1. Tutoring support in gateway courses in Calculus, Discrete Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics preparing them for higher-level courses at senior colleges,
  2. Research experiences and opportunities that include participation in conferences, poster presentations related to STEM careers ; and
  3. Academic advisement, career and financial counseling, and four- year college/preparation workshops and seminars.

Throughout the year, students participate in engineering software training preparing them for internships or science/ engineering majors. In the summer, the Program provides a six-week academic enrichment that focuses on services and activities aiming at improving the skills and performance of Pre/freshman students in college level courses leading to CSTEP targeted professions. The summer session offers several internship opportunities to undergraduate students who also participate in educational field trips related to STEM careers.

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Moise Koffi, Director
Room A-126
Tel. 718.518.6774