Credit Requirements

Major Credits

All degree seeking students must declare an academic major. Each major has required courses that must be completed. To learn more about this major, use the left side menu options on this page. Additionally, select Criminal Justice on this page ( to learn more about required major courses.
General Education Pathways Credits

All academic degrees require completion of CUNY Pathways general education credits. Each major has unique Pathways requirements. To learn more about Pathways General Education click here (

Writing Intensive Credits

All degree seeking students must complete two (2) writing intensive courses. Download the college catalog ( and use the search term writing intensive to learn more about this graduation requirement.

Elective Credits

Most degree programs have elective credits that allow students to select course/s based on interest. All degrees have unique guidelines and requirements for elective credits. Check the college catalog ( or the Pathways degree requirements ( to discover which electives are accepted to complete the associate’s degree.