How to Enroll


  1. Apply to a CUNY College. 
    For information on how to apply to a CUNY College please visit the following websites:
  2. Have a proficiency index placement.
    • Check to make sure your proficiency index scores indicate a remedial intervention is necessary.
    • If you do not have index proficiency scores, please contact Hostos Admission’s office. You can also visit our admission page here.
  3. Apply for Financial Aid. 
    For information on how to apply for financial aid please visit the Financial Aid website.
  4. Attend a CUNY Start information session:
    • RSVP required.
    • Bring a photo ID and pen.
    • Information sessions can take up to 1 hour or longer. Register here.
  5. Complete the CUNY Start application:
    • Fill out all forms required.
    • Submit a CUNY Start writing sample, and recommendation form.
    • Attend a personal interview. Register here.
  6. Submit all required documents in a timely fashion.
  7. Pay the CUNY Start fee.
    • If accepted in the program, pay the CUNY Start fee in order to finalize your registration.
    • $75 per semester. (We do not accept financial aid)

Students are not enrolled in the program until the enrollment fee is paid and a copy of the receipt is at the CUNY Start office.
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