Statement writing tips

Tips for writing your personal statement

Your written statement is an important component of the appeals process. We encourage you to consider the following guidelines for an effective statement.

Share what factors beyond your control contributed to your academic situation.
  • Describe how these factors had a direct impact on your academic performance (be specific).
  • Provide a concise explanation of the extenuating circumstances that were out of your control and that affected your academic performance. Provide information relative to the time period and duration of your hardship.
Examples of extenuating circumstances: housing; financial; childcare; illness, etc.
  • Provide supporting documentation, if any, to show how your academic performance was adversely impacted due to the extenuating circumstances.
    • If you performed well in other courses but not a specific course, be very clear about what factors influenced your performance in that specific course and why other courses were not affected
    • Your appeal must clearly state the circumstances that impacted your academic performance.

Academic Plan: Your statement must include a detailed plan that describes how you will regain good academic standing. For a sample of the letter click here.

Describe the action you are taking now to address the issue, and your plan moving forward.
  • Share the steps that you are taking now and any action that you will take to prevent this from happening again.
  • It is helpful to share the names of specific people you will meet with and the resources you will use.
Explain how things are different now.
  • Share if and how the problem has been resolved and what, if anything, has changed about the factors which impacted your academic performance.
  • Share any adjustments you made to get back on track.
  • Summarize why your appeal should be considered for approval.
Supporting Document(s), if applicable: Submit relevant documentation of circumstances, before the Appeal deadline. Submitting incomplete documentation may result in a delay in processing and/or a denial of your appeal.

Some examples of appropriate supporting documentation may include:
Family Circumstances Birth certificate (child);
Legal Documents; Police reports
Medical Letter from a Doctor/Counselor/Therapist: Verifying illness or treatment
Death Death certificate
Accident Police report;
Medical documentation

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