Dental Hygiene

For assistance with Dental Hygiene Unit processes by phone, please call 718.319. 7949 and leave a message.

For assistance via email, please send messages to
Joy Perez at  Between the hours of 9am-5pm, your calls and messages will be returned.

If you do not receive a response within two business days, please call the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA) to report your concern. OAA can be reached at 718.518.6660.

The Dental Hygiene Program leads to an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree for students who successfully complete the course of study.  Students are prepared to become registered dental hygienists and pass intensive theory National Board and Clinical State Board examinations.  Passing both examinations are required for licensure and employment. 
The Dental Hygiene Program offers a two and three year course of study which includes summer.
Students provide preventive dental health care at the on-site dental hygiene patient care facility for patients under direct guidance and supervision of licensed professional dental hygienists and dentists. The community has access to free dental hygiene care and oral health maintenance. Graduates are eligible to transfer to senior colleges.
All eligible students are encouraged to apply for the various academic and health profession scholarships and to join both the local and national Student American Dental Hygienist Association (SADHA). Awards for achievement include the Hu- Friedy Golden Scaler Award, the New York City Dental Hygienist Association Clinical Proficiency Award, the American Dental Association Professional Achievement Award, and the Dental Hygiene Program Student Achievement Award. Dental hygienists find employment in private dental practices, public and private health agencies, hospitals, industrial clinics, government agencies, the U.S. Armed Services, Peace Corps, World Health Organizations, and dental hygiene schools.

Program Mission Statement
The Dental Hygiene Program’s mission is to work effectively in providing approaches to the educational professional development of the students that stem from the goal to graduate competent clinicians who can positively affect their community and the dental hygiene profession through personal, academic, intellectual and professional achievements. Our mission includes the promotion of health and well being of the public by providing clinical dental hygiene care and community service at the on-site Dental Hygiene Patient Care Facility. The Dental Hygiene Program’s mission is consistent with the College’s mission in that it strives to provide educational opportunities leading to socioeconomic mobility for students from diverse ethnic, racial, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds, particularly Hispanics and African Americans.
Dental Hygiene Advisory Board Members*
Lawrence Bailey, D.D.S 
Anita Cunningham, R.D.H
Marlene Dominguez, R.D.H
Vermell Ford, R.D.H
Brady Hope, R.D.H
Jamar Jackson, R.D.H, D.D.S
James King, D.D.S
Esperanza Rodriguez, D.D.S
*All Dental Hygiene Faculty are Advisory Board Members