Psychology Research

Psychology is the study of behavior and mental processes, and the foundation of the discipline is the application and practice of the principles of the scientific method. Research skills are a road to making exciting new discoveries through scientific inquiry, and the Psychology – Research Option creates a path for those who wish to be able to critically evaluate their own world and empower themselves to be their own advocate. The required courses in this Option are an introduction to the concepts and theories critical to the understanding of human behavior, the scientific method, and the math, writing and research skills required for scientific investigation.
Successful completion of the Psychology – Research Option creates numerous opportunities for future education and entry into a variety of career paths in a competitive job market such as, research careers, data analysis, more in-depth study in Psychology and any of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) fields.
Graduates with degrees in Psychology can pursue entry-level opportunities in a multitude of fields such as community-based research and grants writing, social work, business, finance, marketing, healthcare, the performing arts, and education. The Psychology – Research Option is additionally attractive due to its emphasis on the understanding and application of the scientific method. The ability to reason and problem solve as a scientist is a marketable skill set for any potential employer or school of study. Similarly, as the principles of the scientific method are applicable to any STEM discipline, this Option is a viable path to not only further study of Psychology, but also any STEM area.
The Psychology - Research Option requires 3 courses – 9 credits, in addition to the completion of the Required Common Core class, ENG 110.
PSY 101, MAT 120, and ENG 110 can be taken in any order (or concurrently), but PSY 101 must be taken before PSY 150.
Additionally, students are highly encouraged to take ENG 202 – Technical Writing as an optional class. This course focuses on skills such as defining purpose, constructing effective sentences and paragraphs, composing drafts, and revising the quality of finished documents. These abilities are required for effective scientific and grant writing.

The Psychology – Research Option course list.
         Required Common Core
          ENG 110 – Expository Writing
  1. The Psychology Research has three classes. Required Classes (3 courses - 9 credits)
PSY 101 – General Psychology
PSY 150 – Research Methods
MAT 120 – Probability and Statistics
2. Recommended Class:
ENG 202 – Technical Writing