CUNY Medical/Involuntary Withdrawal Policy

Medical Withdrawal and Re-entry

The City University of New York is committed to the academic success and personal growth of its students. As part of that commitment, the University and its constituent campuses are responsible for providing a safe learning and working environment for students, faculty, staff and other members of the University community. Some students may, because of a medical condition, engage in behavior that presents a direct threat of harm to themselves or to others, or substantially disrupts the learning or working environment of others. In such situations, the safety and security of the campus community, including the individual student, is paramount. This policy does not replace or supersede reasonable and appropriate security and health and safety measures, such as calling 911 or taking other immediate action in case of imminent threat to life or limb. (BTM,2007,06-25,007,_C)

In addition to taking action to protect the security and safety of the campus community, a college may address the student’s conduct to determine if action under this policy or under the student disciplinary process is appropriate. When a student’s conduct that directly threatens or substantially disrupts the learning or working environment of others appears to relate to a medical condition, the campus may, at its option, address the student’s conduct either in accordance with this policy, or through the student disciplinary process. If the student’s conduct constitutes a threat solely to him or herself, it should be addressed under this policy rather than the disciplinary process. (BTM,2007,06-25,007,_C)

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