Student Assembly Policy (Time, Place & Manner)

Reasonable Time, Place, And Manner Restrictions On Speech

CUNY may regulate speech on campus by imposing content-neutral “reasonable time, place, and manner” regulations provided they are narrowly drafted “to serve a significant government interest and leave open ample alternative channels of communication.” This means that CUNY can impose reasonable restrictions on where, when, and how the speech will occur, so long as (1) the restrictions are necessary to fulfill a significant legitimate institutional purpose and (2) other avenues remain available for communicating the same message to the same audience.For example, CUNY could prohibit the use of a bullhorn in making a speech if the use of a bullhorn would be so noisy as to interfere with classes scheduled for the same time. Similarly, a well publicized rule prohibiting posting notices on classroom doors, but designating other areas for notices, would be appropriate. And a rule restricting the hours during which a speaker may give a public speech on campus would be constitutional provided the rule was reasonably necessary to prevent disruption of such activities as teaching or course registration.