Club Space Use Policy


  1. Spaces assigned through the auspices of the Office of Student Activities belong to the College and are maintained by the Office of Student Activities.
  2. Space allocations, although renewable, are not permanent. They are made for a specific period of time; the academic year which runs from the completion of the Fall club registration period, until the last day of Spring semester examinations. However, if an active organization has to be relocated by the College, all efforts will be made to relocate the group to suitable office space.
  3. All space assignments are made by the Office of Student Activities only to chartered and registered student organizations.
  4. All office assignments are contingent upon the following principles:
    1. the group must be chartered and registered
    2. the group continues its active status
    3. the assigned premises are maintained in good order
    4. all rules and regulations of the College are followed by the group assigned to this space
    5. the group must agree to occupy no more than one space at a time on campus
    6. the group must agree to share space with another organization
  5. Space allocations are governed by the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees (BOT) of the City University of New York and City College. A copy of the BOT Bylaws may be found in the Student Government offices and the Office of Student Activities.
  6. Operating hours for the College are 7:00 A.M. - 10:00 P.M.
  7. Student organizations are required to vacate their assigned office space at the end of each academic year.
  8. In order to resume occupancy of club space, a completed Lease Agreement/Space Renewal Form must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities during the Fall semester club registration period.
  9. Only locks provided by the College will be allowed on the doors to club offices. Other locks will be subject to removal at the owner’s expense.
  10. Valuables (e.g., electronic equipment, books, cash, etc.) should not be left in club offices. Neither the College nor the Office of Student Activities will be responsible for the loss of personal property from club offices.
  11. Consistent with the NYC Fire Department code, it is prohibited to use rooms or spaces for storage, processing or use of hazardous materials or flammable or combustible liquids. Also prohibited is the use of gas fired devices, other open flame devices or pyrotechnic devices.
  12. All Club and SGA officials wishing to use College resources such as office room space are required to attend orientations and demonstrate an understanding of college policies and procedures as determined by the Office of Student Activities, Office of the Dean and the Office of the Division for Student Development and Enrollment Management.
  13. Violators of the aforementioned policies will automatically forfeit their right to use of club room space use disciplinary actions as prescribed by BOT Bylaws and College policies.