Everbridge App and Symptom Checker


Note: On August 16, 2021, CUNY ended use of Everbridge daily health screenings. Everyone entering the campus is now required to have proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 PCR test.



Everbridge VaxPass

Everbridge VaxPass is for Hostos students, faculty, and staff who had their vaccination documents verified. 

Students or faculty or staff can upload vaccination documents to CUNYfirst. Proof of vaccination is approved once the uploaded form status changes to “Approval Approved” in CUNYfirst. Your VaxPass is available after approval is complete in CUNYfirst.

Install the Everbridge app (for iOS or Android) and use your CUNY Login credentials and these instructions to complete the one-time setup.

No smartphone that can run Everbridge? Contact Denise Gomez-Ramos in Human Resources or Nurse Maria Vazquez in Student Health Services to request an email version.

CUNY Knowledge Base: Instructions for Everbridge VaxPass​



Daily Symptom Checker

(before August 16, 2021)

The Daily Symptom Checker has been part of our entry procedures and completing this questionnaire has been an important part of keeping our campus safe.

You are required to complete the Daily Symptom Checker on the day of your approved visit before entering Hostos or any other CUNY facility. The Daily Symptom Checker can be found in the Everbridge App (iOS/Android) on your mobile device, and can be completed before you arrive. (If you do not have access to a smartphone that can run the Everbridge App, you can sign up for daily reminder emails.)

After a brief one-time setup of Everbridge, the Daily Symptom Checker takes less than two minutes to complete. The questions asked are an important reminder to consider whether you have symptoms of—or have been exposed to someone with—COVID-19 before you step foot on campus.

This questionnaire is important, and it deserves your undivided attention!

When you complete the Daily Symptom Checker:

  • Find a place with a stable internet connection before you start. Answering on the subway or bus, or in a car can cause problems when using the Everbridge app.
  • Make sure you read each question fully before selecting your answer and hitting the “Next” button. For safety reasons, there is no “Back” button or other way to return to a previous response, even to correct an error.

When you’ve answered all the questions in the Daily Symptom Checker, you’ll see one of two time-stamped tokens.
  • If see a green check mark ✔ token, you’re approved to visit. You'll need to show this token and your Hostos ID to the health check-in station staff when you arrive.Image of green "Approved" token from Everbridge Daily Symptom Checker
  • If you see a red no entry/prohibited 🛇 token, you have not been approved to visit and should stay home. You will be contacted by the Coronavirus Campus Liaison or their designee.Image of red "Not Approved" token from Everbridge Daily Symptom Checker

Note: some users have reported that they need to connect their mobile device to wi-fi to view their token after completing the Symptom Checker. If you do not receive your token after a few minutes, please connect to a wireless network and try refreshing the Everbridge app.