What technology is needed to complete an online degree?
A laptop or desktop with access to wi-fi is needed to access course content and complete course requirements.

What technology systems are used when studying online?
All of the software plus others are available to enrolled students via the Hostos Community College website. 
  • CUNYfirst is used by students to register for classes and retrieve enrollment information including grades.
  • Blackboard is used to deliver course content. Students access all electronic resources associated with the class (I.e., syllabus, selected reading materials, assignment instructions, chat, etc.)
  • Microsoft 365 provides access to Microsoft suite tools including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
  • Degree Works is used to track completion of courses and degree requirements.
  • Outlook Email accounts are provided to all enrolled students. Students receive important information about college requirements, events and initiatives through their college email account.
  • Succeed@Hostos shows the student advisor, course and instructor information for the current semester. Succeed is used to make appointments with advisors and faculty, review office hours, and ask for help.
  • Technology Services – The City University of New York (
  • Zoom is used for meeting in real time with faculty, advisors, tutors and other support staff.