What is Hostos Online?

Hostos Online offers completely asynchronous online degrees. Asynchronous courses and all class materials are available to enrolled students online 24/7 on Blackboard, the learning management system used across CUNY. All courses offered in the online degree will transfer to 4-year CUNY colleges.

Are the online programs accredited?
All degrees offered online at Hostos are accredited by New York State Education Department (NYSED). 

What does it mean for a degree program to be asynchronous?
Asynchronous means that you are not required to log in to your virtual classroom at a specified time. Asynchronous classes allow students to access class materials and assignments on a flexible schedule; however, assignment deadlines and exam days/times are maintained and included on the class syllabus. All instruction, learning activities, interactions (both student-student and/or student-instructor), class work, examinations, quizzes, writing assignments, lab work, etc. are fully online following the deadlines set by the instructor. Learn more about asynchronous learning by visiting the student online learning hub.