Advanced Credential in Academic and Career Studies Program

What is the CUNY Unlimited Program?

CUNY Unlimited is a full-time inclusive credential program, modeled from the Melissa Riggio (MR) /AHRC program, that expands access to college for non-matriculated students with intellectual disabilities. 

The Credential
Hostos is one of six CUNY campuses designated as an approved Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) by the US Department of Education. Students who apply are eligible for federal financial aid. Students who complete the program will earn a CUNY Unlimited Credential in Academic and Career Studies, aimed to support them in finding employment and/or advancing their education.

Learning Outcomes
  • Develop knowledge of self
  • Understand principles of citizenship and advocacy
  • Develop learning outcomes of subject-specific content in collaboration with faculty or other academic partner
  • Demonstrate communication skills in academic, professional, and social settings
  • Demonstrate the ability to organize, process, and apply information
  • Demonstrate basic research skills
  • Know and apply job-related skills in a workplace setting
  • Demonstrate social skills such as teamwork and collaboration
  • Demonstrate the use of reflective practice on academic, experiential, and social experiences

Program Structure

CUNY Unlimited students are enrolled for eight semesters, 15 weeks per semester (51 credit equivalency). The program consists of five components, in inclusive settings:

Academic – Students take coursework focused on their academic and/or vocational goals
Vocational – Students engage in and reflect upon internship/work-based learning
Social – Students engage in activities that facilitate campus membership, including: advocacy, civic engagement, or joining clubs
Academic Success and Career Development Programming – Students participate in Career Exploration training to explore pathways and develop transitional skills.  
Individualized Instruction – Students participate in individualized instruction to support their academic progression in the credential. These activities may include tutoring, instruction, and/or academic coaching.

Who is eligible to apply? 

Students applying for the CUNY Unlimited program at Hostos must be age 21 or older, with an intellectual disability, eligible for OPWDD services, and reside in the Bronx.
For more information about CUNY Unlimited at Hostos, please contact:
 Ms. Jessica Sutherland, CUNY Unlimited Coordinator 
 (718) 518-4184
For access to the CUNY Unlimited application, and/or to learn more about the other program campuses, please refer to the CUNY website.