Ready Checklist: Students

Green check mark Find your campus (Hostos) login/e-mail (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Register for Self Service Password Management Service (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Access Succeed@Hostos using your Hostos Login to connect with your success network (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Access your campus email using your Hostos Login and add email to your mobile device (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Login to Blackboard using your CUNY Login and find additional ways to Get Ready. Download the Blackboard Mobile app to your smartphone (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Install and setup Skype for Business to communicate with Faculty, Advisors, other students and more (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Confirm you can Access the Library and Library Databases off campus (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Make sure you have access to a good internet connection (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Find computer resources on campus (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Access the CUNY Virtual Desktop for access to Course Specific/Specialty Software (see "how to" below)
Green check mark Hostos Remote Computer Lab – Now Available for Students. Get access to the software while working from home! (find it here)


Request a Student Loaner Device

HOSTOS STUDENTS: Need a loaner computing device for Spring 2023? Please fill out this quick loaner request form
Please read this e-mail completely as it contains helpful information for the upcoming semester and access to devices and services

Congratulations on registering for classes at Hostos for the Spring 2023 semester!

As the college continues to offer some courses via Distance Education in either fully online or hybrid (mixed in-person and online), some of you have inquired about the possibility to receive loaner devices in order to enable you to complete the coursework online as required by your instructors.

To try and identify ways to support your educational activities, the college is looking for your help to understand what current capabilities you have in terms of devices and internet connectivity.

Please complete this brief questionnaire (you will need to login with your Hostos username and password) so that we can add you to our list of students interested in receiving a loaner device if and when the college can acquire them:


Don’t know your username or password? Look it up here.

If you’re unable to complete the questionnaire, please reach out to your Success Coach or Advisor and ask them to submit a request on your behalf.

Thank you for your participation and know that the college is making every effort to ensure our students have access to the resources they need. It is critical that you check your Hostos e-mail ( account) in case we send you additional information about your loaner request.

If you are invited to pick up a device, you will need to show proof of enrollment in a Spring 2023 course/workshop/program at the time of pick-up. You must comply with CUNY guidelines when visiting the campus.

If you ALREADY HAVE A LOANER DEVICE, please reply to this e-mail indicating that you are requesting an extension of the loan with a screenshot of your Spring 2023 enrollment/class list from CUNYfirst.

In the meantime, check the page frequently and your Hostos e-mail for more up-to-date information.

Also, if you need to connect with your Advisors or other services on campus, make sure you login to Succeed@Hostos where you can make appointments, ask for help, and more.

For technical assistance, please do not reply to this email. Please contact the IT Service Desk or the Student Help Desk.

All the best for the semester, and most importantly, Stay Safe!

Hostos Loaner Device Return Information

Please return any equipment/devices that you may have borrowed from Hostos. This includes, but is not limited to, laptops, chromebooks, iPads, calculators, graphic tablets and Wi-Fi hotspots. 

Please return your loaner device to the Hostos Campus
(450 Grand Concourse) – Student Computer Lab – Room C595
based on the following schedule:
Tuesdays  – anytime from 10:00AM to 5:00PM
Wednesdays – anytime from 11:00AM to 6:00PM

Any additional changes to the schedule will be communicated via e-mail and the READY website.

It is important that you personally return the device or communicate with the IT department ahead of time if someone else will be returning a device on your behalf because there are certain steps that must be completed so we can clear your account of the outstanding device assignment. Also, please be sure to back up any work, documents, etc. that you may have downloaded on to these devices because once you return the devices you will no longer be able to access any files that were on them.

As noted on your loaner agreement, returning these devices in good condition and by the due date is your responsibility and critical to ensure that we can provide the device to other students in need.

You may be receiving additional outreach via your advisors or a text message reminding you to return your device.

IF you are currently enrolled for Spring 2023 classes, please reply to this e-mail with the following:
1) a screenshot or copy of your registration screen
2) AND the device CUNY/Hostos Barcode or Serial Number

so that your loan can be extended. If you withdraw from all your classes at any point during the semester, you must make arrangements to return your loaned devices to the campus immediately.

IF you received an Incomplete grade and have an e-mail from your Professor permitting you to make up the work, please forward that
e-mail to

Unfortunately, if we do not receive your device or confirmation of Winter 2023 or Spring 2023 enrollment
in a timely manner, we will need to apply a hold on your account.

As always, please check for up to date information related to the
campus’ operations and services available during the COVID-19 crisis and any protocols that
must be followed when coming to campus. You must comply with CUNY guidelines when visiting
the campus.

A separate e-mail will be sent to students who have a new requirement for a loaner device in order to complete their Winter or Spring 2023 coursework.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

How to reset your password

If you need to reset your Hostos account password you can use our Self Service Password Management feature in Hostos SSO. You will need to know your Hostos email address. You will have options to reset or unlock your password if necessary.

To use the Self-Service Password Management feature, you will need to register: How To's - Hostos Community College ( Once you are registered, you will be able you will be able to reset your password if you need to.

How to access Webmail

You can use your Hostos email address to login to Hostos webmail from anywhere as long as you have internet access. If you do not know your Hostos email address, you can look it up here using the last 6 digits of your social security ID and your first name.

Once you know your email address you can go to the Hostos Webmail to access your email. Keep in mind that the first part of your email address, before the “@” sign is your Hostos login that you will use to access Hostos' provided student systems such as Succeed@Hostos.


How to setup your Mobile Device to access your Hostos email account

We understand that many students will want to use their mobile devices to access their email. Instructions for setting up you device to access Hostos email can be found here.

How to download the Blackboard Mobile app
How to Access DegreeWorks using your CUNY Login

As a CUNY student you have access to DegreeWorks which is a web-based program that enables you to easily track your academic progress. You can find more information about Degreeworks at this location. After you read the FAQ page you can click on the “How do I access DegreeWorks?” link on the page to get access.

How to access the Library and Library Databases off campus
  1. To access databases or sign-in to OneSearch use your CUNY Login account Username [], where “NN” is the last 2+ digits of your CUNY EMPLID and your Password.
  2. If you do not know your CUNY Login, please activate your account by clicking this link and following instructions. For more information on the CUNY Login, please see CUNY Login FAQ’s.
  3. For Library assistance regarding the CUNY Login, please use the Library Chat.
How Library's resources and services during the COVID-19 emergency
  1. Get Library Help!

  • Students can open a chat session with a librarian from any page of the guide
  • Schedule a One-on-One Research Consultation
How to login to CUNYfirst using your CUNY Login

CUNYfirst is the CUNY-wide student information system used by all students across all of the CUNY colleges to sign up for classes, see your academic records and many other important functions. You can access CUNYfirst using this link. If you are a first time user you will need to use the New User link to setup your account.

Access Succeed@Hostos using your Hostos Login to connect with your success network

Succeed@Hostos is an integrated program designed to help students achieve their academic goals. You can access Succeed@Hostos here. Please take some time to fill out your student profile. If you prefer to receive your notifications via text you must indicate that in your profile. Next semester your student photos will be loaded into your profile from our campus ID system. Take some time to review how to use your Success Network.

Make sure you have access to a good internet connection

You can use to test your internet connection; all you need is a web browser with JavaScript turned on (it usually is unless you switched it off) and Adobe Flash installed. The results should give you a pretty good idea if you are having issues with your connectivity and/or speed. If you are having issues you might have to reach out to your internet providers support line.

How to get access to computing resources on and off campus

Hostos Community College has computers that are available for students to use in our lab in room C595. If you would like to know whether there is a computer available when you need it go to LabStats. Also, the Hostos Community College Library provides a laptop loan program for Hostos students based on availability. The program is funded by the CUNY Student Technology Fee. The laptops are internally equipped with wireless network cards for use where wireless access exists. You can find out more about the program here.

How to access the CUNY Virtual Desktop for access to Course Specific/Specialty Software

If you need access to math software like SPSS, SAS, Mathematica, Maple, Matlab you can access the Virtual Desktop application from CUNY. This link will provide instructions on how you can access your applications.

Hostos and CUNY Information Technology Use Policy

As a Hostos student you are also a student in the City University of New York. As such, these are the information technologies policies that affect you.

CUNY Continuity for Students

We Got This.

We know you have a lot on your mind and a lot on your plate, so CUNY wants to make the transition to distance learning as easy as possible for you. Use this page as a hub for resources, tools, and tips to help you finish the Spring 2020 semester off strong. Don’t let the idea of distance learning add to your stress: whether through a webinar, or even a text message, the goal is for instructors and students to stay connected and keep learning going. With constant communication and a little bit of flexibility, together, we’ll get through this.

Visit the CUNY Continuity for Students website for more information.

Spectrum and Optimum offer free broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days for new K-12 and College Students

Spectrum and Optimum will provide free broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12th and college students who do not have a subscription.

Optimum (866) 200-9522
Spectrum (844) 488-8395