Admissions and Retention


Carlos Rivera, Admissions & Recruitment
Recording Secretary
Sherin Matthew, Registrar, HEO 

Dr. LaToro Yates, VP of Student Development and Enrollment Management, Ex-Officio
Christine Hutchins, English
Joseph Gyan, Business
Sean Gerrity, English  
Rayola Chelladurai, Allied Health
Yvonne Rosario-Quiroz, Career Services, HEO
Fabian Wander, Student Health, HEO
Eric Rodriguez, College Discovery Counselor
Kathleen Doyle, Mathematic



November 11, 2020  Agenda  |  Minutes
December 09, 2020  Agenda  |  Minutes
March 12, 2021  Agenda  |  Minutes
April 12, 2021  Agenda  |  Minutes
Yearly Committee Report 2020-2021


October 21, 2019  Agenda  |  Minutes
March 9, 2020  Agenda  |  Minutes
Yearly Committee Report 2019-2020


November 5, 2018  Agenda  |  Minutes
Yearly Committee Report 2018-2019


April 25, 2018  Agenda  |  Minutes
Yearly Commitee Report 2017-2018

Committee Mandate



A. Membership: 

Membership shall be determined by the Committee on Committees to include regular faculty and the following: 

1. Director of Admissions and Recruitment 

2. Office of the Registrar 

3. Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management 

4. One Counselor 

5. One Student representative 

6. Two HEOs 

B. Function: 


1. (a) To review and recommend to the Senate College-wide policies regarding admission and retention. 

(b) To review and recommend to the Senate policies regarding the matriculation of non-degree students. 

(c) To review and recommend to the Senate College-wide policies on the acceptance of external course work towards a Hostos Community College Associate’s Degree. 

2. In consultation with all appropriate parties, to hear and act upon those student appeals that result from the policies set forth in the above areas. 

3. To maintain liaison with University personnel responsible for developing or changing admission, matriculation, and transfer credit criteria on a University-wide basis, and to report any proposals for such changes to the Senate. 

4. To maintain liaison with College and University personnel responsible for developing special programs that might affect admission and external course work policies. 

5. To make recommendations to the Hostos Senate on ways to increase the recruitment of students and maximize the retention of students. "