College-Wide Curriculum Committee

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Sandy Figueroa, Business

Kathleen Doyle, Mathematics
Drew Hubner, English
Mickey Laskin, Library
Alba Lynch, Student Success Coaching Unit
Thomas Mencher, Language & Cognition
Ann Mester, Office of Academic Affairs Ex-Officio
Sherese Mitchell, Education
Felipe Pimentel, Behavioral & Social Sciences
David Primak, Registrar Ex-Officio
Alisa Roost, Humanities
Olga Steinberg, Natural Sciences
Jarek Stelmark, Allied Health
Muiz Agbaje, SGA
Salamata Bah, SGA



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Yearly Committee Report 2019-2020


September 29, 2018
October 2, 2018
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Yearly Committee Report 2018-2019


September 5, 2017
September 26, 2017
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September 01, 2015
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2018 Pathways Review Schedule

2/23/18: Last date for colleges to submit courses to CUNYfirst
By 3/16/18: CCCRC will vote/ input results into CUNYfirst
4/2/18: Deadline for colleges to submit approved courses to Stellant
5/7/18: Trustees meeting
4/27/18: Last date for colleges to submit courses to CUNYfirst
By 5/11/18: CCCRC will vote/ input results into CUNYfirst
5/21/18: Deadline for colleges to submit approved courses to Stellant
6/25/18: Trustees meeting 

Committee Mandate



A. Membership:

1. The membership of the Curriculum Committee shall be composed of one tenured or CCE representative from each academic Department of the College, one (1) 13.3B HEO, and two (2) elected Student Senate representatives duly certified by the Vice President for Student Development and Enrollment Management

2. The representatives shall be elected by each Department from its Curriculum Committee and by the Division of Student Development and Enrollment Management, and their names submitted to the Committee on Committees for final approval.

3. The Vice President for Academic Affairs or his/her designee and the Registrar shall serve as ex-officio members.

B. Function:

The Curriculum Committee shall have the following duties:

1. To evaluate and recommend new courses in accordance with Board of Trustees guidelines.

2. To evaluate and recommend any modifications of current courses in the curriculum, including credits, hours, titles, course descriptions, language of instruction, prerequisites, co-requisites, etc.

3. To review and recommend approval of degree requirements and distribution requirements for existing departments.

4. To review and recommend approval of all Letters of Intent and final proposals for all degree and certificate programs.

5. To review Letters of Warning and apprise the Senate.

6. To recommend to the College Senate the creation of subcommittees as the need arises, to cover such areas as skills across the curriculum, program review, etc.

7. To present to the College Senate, for its approval, any items voted upon and recommended by the committee.

C. Charges of the College-Wide Curriculum Committee:

1. To establish and maintain the standards and integrity of the College curricula.

2. To review existing curricula periodically and recommend changes where appropriate.

3. To encourage the development of new courses, concentrations, and programs consistent with the mission of the College by providing a College-wide forum for consideration of all new courses and program proposals.

4. To review all curriculum proposals for their conformity to the College mission and objectives of the Department.

5. To review and approve the final draft of the curricular offerings in the College Catalog.

6. To preserve the institutional history of the Committee by yearly submitting the minutes, records, and reports to the College Archives housed in the Library.

7. To make recommendations regarding all curriculum proposals, and to transmit all such recommendations to the Executive Committee of the College Senate and the College Senate at large."